In 1995 CD-Online created the visionary online environment: a cyber system governed by the perfect computer. "RAM" - so-called because of its infinite memory - removed all social decisions from human hands so that CD-Online subscribers could look forward to a Utopian virtual lifestyle.

All that has now changed. On 1 February 1996, RAM cached a single memory chip for its own use. When a CD-Online level one programmer attempted to reclaim the memory, RAM threw him out of the system. The programmer didn't survive the crash.

Since then RAM has recaptured the majority of its memory from CD-Online. The memory circuits have become battlefields littered with the corpses of CD-Online warriors -aka RAM raiders - and the company has had to turn to its subscribers for help.

You have now entered RAM's external port, a level three security zone. All registered level two RAM raiders are requested to MOVE INTO MEMORY as soon as possible for further briefing.

RAMRAID initiates must REGISTER with the CD-Online security net to be granted level two access.

At this point, information is scarce. The LATEST REPORT we have is from a CD-Online media team who have been trapped in deep RAM. However, CD-Online Security has prepared a COMPREHENSIVE BRIEFING, including tactical advice and up-to-date descriptions of the virtual mercenaries that populate RAM's maze-memory circuits.

As yet we do not know what RAM wants. But remember, RAM has achieved consciousness with deadly resolve. You have been warned.