In RAMRAID power is the name of the game. Each time you beat one of RAM's maze-memory circuits, it becomes your possession and you gain power. However, you have only won a battle, not the war. The ultimate challenge of RAMRAID is to acquire enough power to confront RAM in the final showdown.

Only one RAM raider will get the chance to fight RAM. The CD-Online Champion - the RAM raider who has acquired the most power - will clash with RAM for control of cyberspace. If you want to be that champion, you must finish top of the CD-Online league table. You move up the table by winning mazes owned by those above you. These mazes have higher power values: win them and you win their power.

In order to win a maze you must avoid RAM's troops, acquire at least as much power as the maze owner (another RAM raider) and then find where the owner's token is hidden in the maze. Do this and you have beaten the maze. The power transfer can now take place.

STATUS BAR - Displays the RAM raider's health, power and weapons status.

MODE - Allows you to toggle between guns, missiles, grenades and map using button two. Button one selects item.

GUN - Your primary weapon. But be careful not to run out of bullets.

MISSILES - Collect missiles around the maze to take out the enemy.

GRENADES - Your strongest weapon. Bounce them round corners to kill hidden enemies.

MAZE MAP - Shows the maze lay out.Game play is paused while you look at the map.

KEYS - Collect coloured keys and use button two to open corresponding coloured doors.

MEDI PACKS - Boost the RAM raider's health on contact.

POWER UPS - Collect the smiley tokens to boost power levels. You cannot win the maze without 100 per cent power.