And so cyberspace - for so long championed as the last bastion of true democracy - has degenerated into chaos.

CD-Online Media bring you this report exclusively from a memory circuit somewhere in the midst of RAM, the mainframe CD-Online computer that is fighting to reclaim its memory from CD-Online control.

We are retreating under consistent bombardment from RAM's troops and it is unlikely that we will be able to maintain the integrity of our position for more than a few hours. RAM has backed us into a corner of one of the maze-like circuits and there is apparently no way out. The regular CD-Online forces cannot compete with the firepower of the VIRTUAL REBELS that RAM has assembled: viruses, nomadic cybersurfers and mercenary hackers.

At this point, RAM is reclaiming the memory circuits at an astonishing rate and looks set to gain control of cyberspace. As the mass of CD-Online forces are continually defeated, the company's only hope lies in finding a single RAM raider who must win back the deepest memory circuits if he is to have a hope of challenging RAM. Where the CD-Online armies have failed, maybe an individual can succeed and the whole of cyberspace is waiting and hoping for that hero. Remember, there can be only one!

This is CD-Online Media reporting exclusively from inside RAM. It may be the last time...if there is anyone out there who can...