The Hacker - Vicious mercenaries who login to specific parts of the memory-maze circuits and catch you off guard. They are heavily armed and must be destroyed quickly. However, get too close and they logout of the circuit, damaging your health. Kill the male hacker (in the blue uniform) and collect extra weapons, kill the female hacker (in the red uniform) and power up.

The Bug - Found throughout the maze, bugs get under your feet and bite your ankles! Slow and immobile, you should be able to destroy them without too much trouble.

The Surfer - You can hear the surfer's approach as he glides through the memory-maze circuit. Fully tooled-up, fast and highly dangerous; make sure you get your retaliation in first!

The Drone - Drones are infuriating spies that monitor your progress through the memory-maze circuit. When a drone spots you it will call a surfer to attack, so the RAM raider must shoot them down fast.

The Virus - When you see a virus, shoot on sight! Give the virus time to multiply and you could be in trouble.